Little Birds

“Little Birds” is a collection of glimpses into some of the darkest corners of our lives–the lies we tell ourselves, the ways we hurt others, the painful truths we pretend to face. Each story is a raw, unflinchingly human experience.

"Little Birds is a brilliant shot of reality in a glass of nyctophilia. It burns so well, you'll only want more."
Mosaic Magazine
"What will strike the reader first is Hannah's well-developed sense of dialogue and imagery. This first impression holds true page to page, story to story."
Albert Davis
Marquis at Bay
"In her first collection, Hannah Kidder shows herself already to be a mature short story writer. Little Birds is made up of stories ranging from those of traditional length to micro-fiction of a page or two, or even a single sentence—something like a haiku in prose."
Dr. David Middleton
The Fiddler of Driskill Hill
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