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Hannah Lee Kidder

fantasy and short fiction author, indie writing coach, YouTuber, swamp monster

Starlight: A Collection of Short Stories

From bestselling author of Little Birds, Hannah Lee Kidder’s Starlight touches your heart before taking a bite with twelve pitch-dark fantasy, horror, and contemporary short stories.

“Alternately entertaining, surprising, chilling, and heartbreaking, Kidder's easy grasp of what disturbs the human heart is masterful.”


Little Birds

This best-selling debut of short stories is a collection of glimpses into some of the darkest corners of our lives–the lies we tell ourselves, the ways we hurt others, the painful truths we pretend to face. Each story is a raw, unflinchingly human experience.

“Little Birds is a brilliant shot of reality in a glass of nyctophilia. It burns so well, you’ll only want more.”

Mosaic Magazine

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Grab writing tips, hear personal stories from the publishing industry, and watch Hannah apply her advice in live-edits for a hands-on understanding of the material.

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Need personalized advice and edits? Check out Hannah’s services page for one-on-one workshops, manuscript critiques, and more!

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Do you love writing shorts but never know what to do with them afterward? Learn how to write, edit, design, and publish your own collection of shorts, essays, or poems!