Writing Workshop

Personalized, in-depth feedback for creative writing—including macro suggestions (plot, character, form) and micro edits (grammar, syntax, verbiage, flow).

This service is ideal for flash fictions and short stories. You can use it for novel segments, but it won’t be quite as effective of a learning tool. If you have a longer manuscript you would like read, consider the critique service.


1) Send in your story through the completed information form below.
2) Receive thorough feedback and suggestions, as well as a line-edited version of your story.
3) Evaluate the suggested changes, make your own edits, then send it back with any questions or comments.
4) Receive answers to your questions and a complimentary second edit of your revised story.

This isn’t a regular critique—it’s a workshop and a conversation to push your story to its fullest potential.


1,000 words or fewer: $55
3,500 words or fewer: $75
5,000 words or fewer: $85
10,000 words or fewer: $150