Sensitivity Read

What is a sensitivity reader?

A sensitivity reader is someone who will read over your manuscript to check for unintentional biases in your writing. They are typically a member of the marginalized group you’re writing about, with a strong sense of social awareness and justice.

Even with the best of intentions, it’s incredibly easy to let our own internalized biases and ignorance influence our writing. A sensitivity reader can help you catch those errors before publishing.

Do I need to hire a sensitivity reader?

If your book covers content about a marginalized group you’re not a part of—whether that’s a queer character, a Black character, a disabled character, or anyone else who has a significantly different life experience than you’ve had yourself—hiring a sensitivity reader can help you feel more confident that you’re representing that group in a way that’s fair.

The last thing we want is to do harm to the groups we’re trying to include, so hiring a sensitivity reader is just one more thing you can do, as an ally to those groups, to make sure you’re being fair and kind in your representation.

Who will my sensitivity reader be?

You’ll be paired with the reader best suited for your story and needs. Check out our team page to see who we’ve got waiting to help you. If you’d like to request a specific reader, go ahead and mention that in your application form below, and we’ll meet those requests wherever possible.


  • $0.01 per word

Note: While hiring a sensitivity reader can prevent errors, there is always a chance something slips through. Just like with editors, there’s a possibility of oversight. Readers are simply limited to their life experience and perspective, which is why we have several readers to choose from to find the right one for your story.

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