Manuscript Critique

Personalized feedback for manuscripts—thorough, honest criticism on your story, including evaluations of dialogue, character development, plot progression, prose styleand world building.


1) Submit your story through the form below.
2) Your story will be paired, based on genre, with an experienced, vetted writer.
3) You will receive thorough feedback and suggestions from that writer.
4) Then you have the opportunity to respond with questions you have on the feedback to receive full explanation and clarity before you move forward with your revisions.


$.01 per word

This video will give you a better idea of how critiques work:

NOTE: While the team may correct technical issues in your manuscript as they see them, this is not an editing service. A professional editor will comb your manuscript, word-by-word, usually multiple times. A critique won’t necessarily take the place of a professional edit, but it is a point in the multi-step process of producing a publish-ready manuscript.