Writer’s block ain’t real. Sometimes writing is hard, sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you’re unmotivated, distracted, or scared–these are things we can fix.

Here are six tips for overcoming writer’s block.

Don’t be overly critical

“Write drunk, edit sober” means writing and editing are separate processes, so don’t write and edit at the same time. Let the story come out before you judge it, or you’re gonna scare it away.

Eliminate distractions

Multitasking isn’t a real thing. Stop lying to yourself. (What’s funny is I’m watching Jessica Jones while I type this and it legit took me twenty minutes to make it this far. So. Point proven.)

Write every day

If you can. At least think about your project or take notes on it. A regular schedule gets you in the habit of writing and makes it easier to be productive immediately entering your writing time.

Do a writing sprint

Set aside a short amount of time (10, 15, 20 minutes) to write without stopping. That means you write anything you can think of. This is a helpful exercise when you’re stuck on a particular piece of your project. Just brain dump every possible solution you can think of and you’ll likely hit on one that works.

Write something fun

Take a break to write something you don’t have to think about so much. This might be a journal entry, a haiku, a chapter of a fanfiction. Give yourself some space from the project that’s got you stumped to remind yourself why you want to be a writer and get some momentum.


Reading is the closest thing you can do to writing without any of the work. Reading makes you a better writer in general, but also might spark some inspiration and get you back in the headspace to write. I like to go back and read some of my favorite books that made me want to be a writer in the first place. What are yours?


Here’s the video tutorial of this lesson!

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